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četvrtak, 12.01.2017 06:39

Beethoven - Symphony No. 4, second movement

Robert Schumann once described Ludwig van Beethoven’s Fourth Symphony as ‘a slender Greek maiden between two Norse giants’. The ‘two Norse giants’ referred to the Third and Fifth Symphonies, which have an almost mythical reputation. Unintentionally, his description suggested that Beethoven’s ‘even’ Symphonies are not as profound as his ‘odd’ Symphonies. Beethoven received his commission for this Symphony because of another, ‘even’ Symphony. In 1806, Count Franz von Oppersdorf responded enthusiastically to Beethoven’s Second Symphony, and promptly offered the composer a large sum of money for a new one. In October of the same year, the Count received ‘his’ Symphony. Although Schumann’s description might seem accurate on a first hearing, the intense and tragic introduction of the Fourth Symphony illustrates that this Beethoven composition, too, is not in the least short of heartfelt emotion. In this broadcast: the second movement.

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